It is much excitement to announce that  the ARC has funded 'DP190102512: Could gene drives be used to eliminate incursions of Drosophila suzukii. This is with Simon Baxter (University of Adelaide) and Max Scott (NCSU)

Big day for Amol: paper published and starts postdoc up at UQ
Congratulations to Jack Scanlan for winning the poster prize at the recent Ausfly meeting in Warburton.
The exciting public forum at the Melbourne Convention centre featuring Jennifer Doudna and Kevin Esvelt can be seen here:
Congrats to Llew for completing her thesis and we wish her well on her postdoc with Josefa Gonzalez in Barcelona!
Our Genetics publication  on Genome wide association with DDT is online!
The Helicoverpa genome paper is published!

The Australian Academy of Sciences Discussion Paper on Gene Drives is here: 

Amol is featured in the inaugural GEAR magazine about Indian students doing Global Engaged and Active Research at the University of Melbourne